Each Of Us Has Been Called Personally Into A Relationship With Jesus Christ

Each Of Us Has Been Called Personally Into A Relationship With Jesus Christ

Message from Fr Len — 23rd Sunday of the Year (A)

When you read this I will still be on my summer break.  I am spending two weeks as Chaplain to the English College retreat centre in Rome, Villa Pallazola, which is by Lake Albano.  The Villa is where those studying for the Priesthood in Rome used to spend their summers and is opposite Castel Gondolfo which for centuries has been where Popes would reside to escape from the heat of Rome, which can be unbearable during August.  The Villa is a beautiful place and only 45 minutes away from Termini station. 

Rome is a city I never tire of visiting, having fallen in love with it whilst studying at the Beda.  One of the amazing things about the city is that you can walk where St Peter and St Paul walked and you begin to realise that these figures are not just legends but real people like you and me, with hopes and fears and challenges.  We walk in their footsteps and enjoy the legacy that they left us, our faith is built on their foundations.  Many people from around the world travel here on pilgrimage, to ask for the prayers of these Apostles and many other Saints besides.

Like them each of us has been called personally into a relationship with Jesus Christ, who sustained them in all they did and helped them faced up to whatever tasks he had given them.  He does the same for us, no matter how hard or daunting those tasks may be.

I hope that you have all had a refreshing and relaxing summer and that you are now ready to take up renewed challenges and tasks and can do them for the glory of God.  I look forward to seeing you all on my return and will pray for you whilst in the Holy city.

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