Nurturing Each Other’s Greatness

Nurturing Each Other’s Greatness

Message from Deacon Errol —2nd Sunday of Advent (B)

Advent is the time when we are reminded of the coming of the redeemer, our Lord Jesus Christ, and have to wait, keeping watch and being alert. We cannot see God; we can only wait patiently for God to let himself be known. And when we wait for God we admit our own incompleteness; we acknowledge that there is always more to God than what we know, and proclaim our hope in him. Our waiting for God must not be overshadowed by material gains that will not last; our waiting must be a pray er to testify to our own spiritual poverty and to God’s omnipotence. Advent is meant to be joyful if our preparation is focused on Christ.

In Christ Jesus God lavishes us with a love that is boundless, a love that refuses to allow hate and indifference; a love that seeks to bring out the best in us. And we are called to walk in this love and to make others experience it through our action.

We are encouraged to foster a relationship with God to an extent that benefits others. In the Gospel of today Mark 1:1-8, John the Baptist and Jesus’ relationship teaches us that generosity in recognising the goodness in others can help bring out the good that is in ourselves. John the Baptist spoke not of his own greatness, but Christ’s.

So let us make the contribution we can for Christ to be born into not only our own hearts but the hearts of others too. To do this we must first look at ourselves and work quietly and humbly on the darkness that hides within us; to be selfless, to learn to forgive and to love. In that way we bring the light of the good news to so many people, working with each other as parts of one body, and NOT against each other.

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