The Epiphany of The Lord

The Epiphany of The Lord

Message from Deacon Tony

Have you ever considered the theology behind the story of the three wise men?  Neither did I much until I had to, when it was explained to me it was like having my eyes open.  The story is also a great help in understanding Holy Mother Church’s roots of Scripture and Tradition, and the capital T is not a typing error. 

The story of the wise men, or kings, can only be found in Matthew’s Gospel.  No names, or even the number of wise men are mentioned.  Matthew simply tell us “some wise men”.  The ‘three’ is understood to have arisen from the gifts of gold, Frankenstein and myrrh.

It’s most likely there were more than just the three of them in the party.  To travel such a distance, and to offer gold they would have been men of means, they would have had animals to ride on, which by turns tells us they would have taken staff to tend the animals and themselves.  They may have had to have taken more than one beast each.  Over the years the three have been given names and possibilities of who they are and where they are from.  Scripture tells us they came ‘from the east’ but the original Greek wording is “from the rising”, which refers to the rising of the sun.

But here’s the important thing.  In order to follow the star, they had to travel at night when it was dark, and traveling was most dangerous.  However, they put their faith in God and they completed their mission.    This reminds us that when we face dark times we must put our faith in God and follow him, so that like the wise men, we see the face of Jesus.

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