There Is Hope For A Place With God In Heaven For Us All

There Is Hope For A Place With God In Heaven For Us All

Message from Deacon Tony — 24th Sunday of the Year (A)

Between today and next Sunday all but one day is a day we commemorate a saint.  Most of them are rather obscure, Monday is St Edith of Kemsing (me neither), Tuesday St Januarius or St Theodor of Tarsus, Wednesday St Andrew Kim Taegon and St Paul Chong Hasang, and Friday St Maurice.

I would have to say I know nothing of these people, but they are still saints, recognised by the Church as being with God in Heaven.  Saturday is St Pio of Pietrelcina.  Known as Padre Pio he died less than forty years ago, many of us will remember tales of him in his lifetime  and will have known him to be a saint in the making.  We can compare what we know of him to that of Mother Teresa and just expect them to be canonised when the time came.  No doubt we all have people like this.

But what of ourselves?  I suspect we all consider ourselves to be too sinful to be considered to be a saint.  We just strive to get to heaven.  But a saint is someone who is in heaven.  On All Saints Day in November commemorates all those whose name we don’t know.

Clearly we all aspire to a place with God in Heaven, but sometimes find temptations and failings too great.  What I have not mentioned is that on Thursday it is the Feast Day of St Matthew.  Matthew was a tax collector, a bit of a low life of that time, but he has the most important feast day this week, and we will listen to his Gospel until Advent. 

There’s hope for us all.

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